August Intelligence Bulletin

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Scottsdale, Arizona – On June 28, 2017, First Fidelity Bank contacted the Scottsdale Police Department to request assistance for a bank account that was opened under false pretenses. The suspect had opened a bank account using a fictitious driver’s license and social security number, purchased a Polaris Slingshot and Mercedes Benz crossover vehicle and was now attempting to purchase another Mercedes Benz. The suspect had two fully extraditable warrants outstanding from Georgia related to fraud charges and was also being sought after by the US Postal Service who subsequently served a warrant on the suspect’s residence. During the service of the warrant, Detectives found an embossing machine and 350 confiscated gift cards with a total value of more than $147,000. The suspect and his brother were arrested and the department used ERAD FCIS to transfer the gift card funds to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office bank account so they could be protected for future forfeiture and restitution. For additional information regarding this case, please contact Sergeant Lee Campbell (


Lawrenceville, Georgia – Detectives with the Lawrenceville Police Department utilized the ERAD system to interrogate and catalog 1,471 payment cards during an investigation. Investigators used ERAD to identify and seize approximately $34,000 of suspected illicit currency being held on prepaid cash cards. In addition to the prepaid cash, 494 cloned cards were identified from 180 different financial institutions. Detective Kevin Dyals was the lead investigator and can be contacted at 770-670-5057 for additional information.


A southwest Federal Agent recently recovered a spreadsheet data file with approximately 2,000 stolen credit and debit card numbers. By uploading the spreadsheet to the ERAD FCIS system, the Agent was able to quickly identify 90 different banks and credit unions whose card numbers were captured. It was later determined that most of the stolen card numbers were still active so by using the Card Issuer Report to notify the financial institutions, the banks and credit unions were able to take action on the confiscated cards.


SMS Text Message Enabled Skimmers

There’s a new breed of skimming devices that criminals are using to capture consumer credit and debit card numbers from gasoline fuel pumps. These new skimmers use magstripe reading technology combined with regular cell phone components to send stolen card data via SMS text message. Now criminals can receive standard text transmissions with the stolen card data and not be anywhere near the gas station. Unlike Bluetooth devices that require individuals to have close proximity to the device, these thieves receive real-time card information transmissions seconds after it’s been captured by the skimming device. Once in hand, they encode the data onto another piece of plastic and can immediately start using those cards – ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Unlike the shimmers and Bluetooth skimmers that are battery powered, these new devices connect directly to the gasoline pumps power supply so they can operate indefinitely, or until they’re detected.

Detection is proving to be difficult. Bluetooth skimmers can be found by enabling the Bluetooth capabilities on your smart phone to identify transmitting devices in the pump. We are not aware of an easy way to identify these new devices but if your department has been successful in locating and analyzing the skimmers, please contact ERAD support ( so we can share the information with other law enforcement agencies. Diligence by Service Station Owners to periodically inspect their gasoline pumps is critical to help limit the use of these new skimmers, shimmers and other magstripe capturing devices.


August 29, Vancouver British Columbia – IAFCI Annual Training Conference
September 20, Palm Beach Florida – PBEFCU Fraud Meeting
October 10, Orlando, Florida – IAFCI Florida Chapter Annual Meeting
November 12, Myrtle Beach, North Carolina – IAFCI Carolina Chapter Annual Meeting
TBD – Payment Card Money Laundering Interdiction Training Webinar

ERAD Group is recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in financial crimes and payment card fraud. We regularly speak at national, regional, local industry conferences and training seminars. To schedule an ERAD speaker, host a regional intelligence briefing or if you’re interested in attending one of the above seminars, please contact us at (571) 207-ERAD or

New ERAD System Enhancements:
BOLO Duplicate Card Email Notifications
Retailer Card Identification

Last month we implemented a new enhancement to immediately notify users when a confiscated card has been seen by another law enforcement agency. We’ve improved that process even more by automatically emailing the other law enforcement officers who previously entered that stolen card information into the ERAD system. Now everyone who has seen the stolen card will receive an email notice so they can also share investigative information pertaining to the case.

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell whether the information contained on a retailer gift card magnetic stripe is legitimate or contains stolen credit/debit card numbers. ERAD now takes some of the guess work out by letting you know when we believe the card you read using the “Add Payment Card” function is likely a retailer card or a stolen card. If we believe the card is likely a legitimate retailer card, the system will flash a warning and advise you to add the card using the “Add Retailer Card” function. If you believe the card number is a stolen credit or debit card, then simply select “Add Card and Continue” to record the magnetic stripe data.

We’re always looking for ways to make the system more effective, so please contact Chief Operating Officer, Steve Beckerman ( if you have any suggestions.


ERAD login screenQuickly identify stolen cards, cash balances on prepaid cards, and gather evidence for your case from any location with the new ERAD Mobile Application. Access to the Mobile Application is included with each paid subscription.

Users report great success during:
– Residential search warrants
– Bus stop interdictions
– Highway cases
– Hotel/Motel investigations

Call ERAD Support @ 571-207-3723 to order your mobile magstripe reader for just $79.00 plus $10.00 shipping & handling.


Federal, State, County and Local law enforcement agencies across the country are using ERAD today. If you’re not one of them, please contact us (571-207-3723), or

To learn more about payment card money laundering, please view the following Roll Call Video.