Challenges Faced by Law Enforcement
Ready for combat: The tough fight against our nation’s financial crimes epidemic


It's difficult for officers to distinguish a legitimate card from one tied to illegal activities.

When it comes to payment card fraud, it often seems like law enforcement officers are fighting an uphill battle. With billions of dollars loaded on prepaid cards from narcotics, human smuggling, sex trafficking and terrorist funding, it’s obvious that modern day criminals are drawn to these plastic cards—and the numbers continue to skyrocket.

The problem is there’s no way for officers to distinguish the number on a prepaid card from a legitimate bank account. This is exactly what criminals are counting on; and it’s why these cards have become the preferred method for moving illegal funds. An increasingly large portion of these cards are being used to launder money tied to illegal or illicit activities.

How does it work? Criminals skim card information from unknowing consumers or buy stolen credit and debit card numbers on the Dark Web. They then transfer this info to other plastic cards, such as hotel room keys or even legitimate credit and bank debit cards. This makes detection and interrogation nearly impossible.

Virtually any plastic card with a magnetic stripe can be re-purposed as a credit, debit or prepaid card. Unlike bulk cash, when you confiscate plastic cards, determining the identity and value of the card is critical to your investigation. Without the proper tools to investigate and confiscate the funds from these plastic cards, criminals keep the money from prepaid cards and continue their illicit operations.

ERAD™ is working to put an end to this epidemic. Our state-of-the-art solutions are giving payment card fraud a run for its money.

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Biggest Challenges Faced by Law Enforcement

  • Easily Concealed

    Criminals can easily conceal stolen identities and cloned financial card information on a magnetic stripe.

  • Hard to Collect

    Securing intelligence from payment cards obtained during an arrest is extremely difficult.

  • Difficult to Protect Funds

    It’s extremely challenging to protect funds attached to a prepaid card. It can take weeks or months to accomplish, if ever.

  • Time Consuming

    It takes law enforcement countless hours to gather information, document the findings and put it in a consistent format prosecutors and judges can use.


    Financial Institutions are losing billions of dollars each year from stolen cards. Yet, there is no quick and easy way to notify these intuitions when a law enforcement officer confiscates a stolen card—until now.

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ERAD Financial Crimes Intelligence System

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ERAD-FCIS™ (Financial Crimes Intelligence System) is a complete investigative solution provides Law Enforcement with the ability to inventory and interrogate any plastic card found during an arrest.
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Payment Card Fraud by the Numbers
Credit Card Fraud + Smuggling + Organized Retail Crime = Criminal Opportunity
Last year
0 million
credit cards were stolen in the U.S.
Last year
0 million
Americans were victims of identity theft.
Last year
$0 billion
was laundered through identity theft fraud.
Each year, more than
$0 billion
in funds from illegal and illicit activities are loaded onto prepaid cards.
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