July Intelligence Bulletin

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Intel Bulletins: July Recovery Highlights

Highlands Village, TX – Investigators used the ERAD system to identify 652 fraudulent payment cards and subsequently recovered approximately $14,000 USC as a result of their investigation. Please contact Detective Cory Gullo at 972-317-5558 ext. 510 for additional information.

Lawrenceville, GA – Detectives with the Lawrenceville Police Department utilized the ERAD system to interrogate and catalog 1,471 payment cards during an investigation. Investigators used ERAD to identify and freeze approximately $34,000 USC of suspected illicit currency being held on “same-as-cash” cards. Detective Kevin Dyals was the lead investigator and may be contacted at 770-670-5057 for additional information.

Hamilton County, OH – Interdiction deputies encountered several suspiciously behaving suspects during a traffic stop. Upon investigating further, one of the suspects was found to be in possession of 101 payment cards. Hamilton County Deputies immediately contacted ERAD and were enrolled in the website. They processed this case as their first use of the ERAD Financial Crimes Intelligence platform and identified the 101 cards as having fraudulent financial information on the magnetic strips Sgt Greg Morgan is the supervisor of the Unit and may be contacted at 513-946-6400 for more information.

Roll Call Training Video

BOLO: Financial and Payment Card Crimes

Criminals have turned to a rapidly spreading new epidemic of skimming credit card and financial information, then quickly transforming the stolen accounts onto cards of their own to make purchases in bulk across the U.S.

This roll call training video is designed to provide front-line law enforcement with the basic intelligence and tools to combat this new alarming trend.

Video Link: Financial and Payment Card Crimes

You may also request the video by electronic transfer if you prefer not to utilize YouTube by emailing support@erad-group.com.