June Intelligence Bulletin

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Intel Bulletins: July Recovery Highlights

Osceola County, FL – The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office received information from Haines City PD regarding a subject who was attempting to steal gift cards and was subsequently arrested. A search of his vehicle revealed a receipt with the name of a villa located in their jurisdiction and their detectives began surveillance. They witnessed one of the suspects purchasing gift cards at a Home Depot in Orlando and followed him back to his villa where a search was ultimately conducted. A table top embosser was recovered from a nearby dumpster after a detective witnessed one of the subjects leave the villa with a bag but returned empty handed. The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office arrested 9 subjects and identified 6 more who were involved. They recovered over 200 gift cards, 29 of which were re-encoded, a credit card embosser, a credit card re-encoder and several laptops and tablets which contained numerous different credit card numbers. This case has since been taken over by the statewide prosecutor and the secret service.

For more information contact Shelly Griffin at Osceola County Sheriff’s Office for additional details.
Fortunately, there’s ERAD-Intel and ERAD-Recovery. Using an ERAD certified magstripe reader, plugged into the USB port of your computer or the audio jack on your mobile device, a law enforcement officer can swipe any magnetic stripe card and determine if the card has been compromised, And with the click of a button, they can retrieve critical information needed for an investigation. Upgraded users can also establish the value of a prepaid card and, with proper legal authority, freeze and seize funds right at the point of arrest.


San Diego, CA – A Federal Agent in California recently confiscated a laptop containing a spreadsheet with 16,000 stolen credit and debit card numbers. By uploading the spreadsheet to the ERAD FCIS system, he was able to identify over 150 domestic and 100 foreign banks by creating a Card Issuer Report that listed each of the stolen cards with their associated institution. According to the Special Agent, “I literally would have been bogged down for weeks doing this manually, but ERAD did it for me automatically. With this information I was able to notify the individual victims and banks.”


Berkeley, CA – The Berkeley Police Department Special Investigations Bureau recently confiscated approximately 50g of crack cocaine, 17.5g of marijuana, over $57,000 in cash, a credit card embosser, an encoder, a foil tipping machine, and more than 600 fraudulent debit/credit cards from a suspect’s residence. Two individuals were arrested for possession of narcotics, possession of equipment to make fraudulent cards, possession of personal identifying information and unauthorized use of an access card. For more information, contact Detective Joe Ledoux at the Berkeley Police Department.

Fourth Amendment Searches – Know Your Rights

Much has been written about the rights of law enforcement officers, with probable cause or reasonable suspicion, to read the magnetic stripe of a credit, debit, prepaid or gift card. Over the past few years, several circuit courts have heard cases challenging the legality of reading magnetic stripes and all have ruled in favor of law enforcement. Last month, the First Circuit Court of Appeals, agreed with what the Fifth Circuit, Sixth Circuit and Eighth Circuit courts had previously ruled, namely that reading a magnetic stripe is not a violation of an individual’s rights.

Each court confirmed that the information contained on a magnetic stripe should always match what is printed or embossed on a payment card, there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy because magnetic stripes are specifically designed to be read by others, and that reading the cards with an electronic reader is not considered an intrusion. While these rulings are significant, we encourage you to review these decisions with your attorneys to ensure that department operating policies regarding confiscated payment cards are in accordance with local law.

If you’d like to learn more about these rulings and how they can impact your agency, please contact ERAD at (571) 207-ERAD.


ERAD login screenQuickly identify stolen cards, cash balances on prepaid cards, and gather evidence for your case from any location with the new ERAD Mobile Application. Access to the Mobile Application is included with each paid subscription.

Users report great success during:
– Residential search warrants
– Bus stop interdictions
– Highway cases
– Hotel/Motel investigations

Call ERAD Support @ 571-207-3723 to order your mobile magstripe reader for just $79.00 plus $10.00 shipping & handling.

New ERAD System Enhancement – BOLO Duplicate Card Notifications

Stolen credit and debit card numbers are regularly sold and re-sold on the Dark Web. That means when you confiscate a credit or debit card, there’s a good chance that card number has already been cloned on to other pieces of plastic and is making it’s way around the world. Now ERAD can identify where and when that card’s been confiscated and who to contact for more information.

Here’s how it works: Scan the magstripe or manually enter the card number using the “Add Payment Card” function in your Case. After you select “Add Card and Continue”, ERAD will analyze the card number to see if it’s already been confiscated by another law enforcement agency. If there’s a match, ERAD will display the three most recent cases and contact information for the agencies. By pressing “View More”, you’ll be able to see additional cases that include this stolen card number.

We’ve also created the “BOLO Duplicate Card Report”, which you’ll find under the Reports Tab. This .pdf document lists all the agencies, case numbers, assigned users and telephone numbers for the duplicate cards. With the information right at your fingertips, it’s a quick an easy way to coordinate actions with other law enforcement officials who may be already tracking the same card numbers.

Roll Call Training

Federal, State, County and Local law enforcement agencies across the country are using ERAD today. If your agency isn’t one of them, please call us (571-207-3723), send an email (sales@erad-group.com) or enroll right now. To learn more about payment card money laundering, please click here to view our Roll Call training video: BOLO for National Crime Trend.