March Intelligence Bulletin

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Intel Bulletins: July Recovery Highlights

Waukesha County, WI – In February, a local Waukesha County business owner reported a suspicious looking package to local law enforcement. The responding officers identified a bag that was partially covered in snow and frozen to the ground. It appeared that the bag had been there for some time so as the snow began to melt, it became exposed. The bag contained approximately 1,300 Walmart gift cards. The magnetic stripes on 777 of the cards were immediately scanned into the ERAD-FCIS system, which determined that all of the magnetic stripes contained stolen credit card information, but none of the gift cards had been activated. The affected banks are currently being notified. Since the gift cards had not been activated, the arresting agency was unable to establish the store location of the gift cards. The approximately 600 remaining cards were taped together, similar to a brick of drugs, and sent to the crime lab for finger print analysis. Contact April DeValkenaere at the Waukesha County District Attorney’s Office for additional details.


Dooly County, GA – On February 7th, the Georgia State Patrol (GSP), together with the Dooly County Sheriff’s Office, stopped a vehicle on Interstate 75 for a traffic violation. GSP officers had just come from an interdiction training program in the area when they encountered two suspects who had 82 Vanilla Gift cards and counterfeit identification cards on their person and in the vehicle. Some of the cards had the perpetrators names, others did not. Using ERAD-FCIS, Investigator Randy Lamberth determined that seven cards had been re-encoded with stolen credit card numbers, which he suspected were used to purchase the prepaid gift cards. He than ran a Balance Check on the prepaid cards and, after establishing their value at $6,200, immediately froze the cards. With a seizure warrant in hand, the funds were subsequently Claimed and transferred to the Dooly County Sheriff’s Office bank account where they, along with the suspects, are being held. Contact Randy Lamberth at the Dooly County Sheriff’s Office for additional details.

Homeland Security Investigations and ERAD Present: Payment Card Money Laundering Webinar

On March 21st @ 1:00 pm ET, John Tobon, Homeland Security Investigations, Miami ASAC and Steve Beckerman, ERAD Chief Operating Officer will be presenting a webinar on the topic of Payment Card Money Laundering. If you or someone in your department are interested in hearing about the latest trends in payment card money laundering schemes, interdiction techniques and how to obtain critical card intelligence, click here to contact the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI ) and register for the webinar. Space is limited.


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New ERAD System Enhancement – Unclaimed Prepaid Card Freeze Notifications

ERAD-Recovery users now have two ways to track unclaimed prepaid card Freezes.

ERAD now sends both the Assigned User and Recovery Admin User a reminder email on the 5th and 7th day following the initial prepaid card freeze. Because financial institutions generally only maintain Freezes on prepaid cards for up to 7 days, it’s critical that you process a Claim Freeze transaction as soon as you have the legal authority to transfer the money. In addition to the email notifications, you’ll also find a list of unclaimed freezes on your Dashboard page. Now you can track cases with unclaimed freezes when you’re using ERAD and when you’re away from the office.

Remember, even If you have cases where the freeze date has expired, you can still claim those funds by re-checking the prepaid card balances and running another Freeze transaction. If the value is still there, ERAD will display the amount on the Cards Page, indicating the funds are still available. Once you confirm the value and have proper legal authority, transfer those funds to your agency bank account using the Freeze and Claim Freeze transactions, or directly with a Seize transaction. Contact ERAD Support for further assistance.

Roll Call Training

Federal, State, County and Local law enforcement agencies across the country are using ERAD today. If your agency isn’t one of them, please call us (571-207-3723), send an email ( or enroll right now. To learn more about payment card money laundering, please click here to view our Roll Call training video: BOLO for National Crime Trend.