November (2016) Intelligence Bulletin

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ERAD MOBILE – Now Available

ERAD login screenQuickly identify stolen cards, cash balances on prepaid cards, and gather evidence for your case from any location with the new ERAD Mobile Application. Access to the Mobile Application is included with each paid subscription.

We’re pleased to announce that the ERAD-Recovery and ERAD-Intel solution is now available on Apple and Android smart phones!

With our ERAD-certified, audio-jack connected, magnetic stripe card reader, you can use your smart phone to scan stolen credit, debit, ATM, retailer gift and prepaid cards, just like you do today from your laptop or desktop computer. When you confiscate prepaid cards, use the ERAD mobile application to check the prepaid card balances and freeze those funds before the criminals have a chance to move the money.

With ERAD, law enforcement has the flexibility to deploy the program based on your agency policies.

ERAD-Intel 1.0 – Reads magnetic stripes to determine stolen card numbers, cardholder name, issuing financial institution and contact information
ERAD-Intel 2.0 – All the features of ERAD-Intel 1.0 PLUS checks the value of prepaid cash and select retailer gift cards
ERAD-Recovery – All the features of ERAD-Intel 2.0 PLUS the ability to freeze and seize prepaid card values when you have the appropriate legal authority

To download the application, simply locate ERAD Mobile on the Google Play or iPhone Store and download the application to your smart phone. Access is included with your paid ERAD-Intel and ERAD-Recovery subscription so now you can use ERAD wherever it’s most convenient – from your computer or on your mobile device.

To order an ERAD certified magnetic stripe/chip card reader ($79.00 + shipping), or additional ERAD subscriptions, please email us at or call (571) 207-ERAD. Our support staff will take care of the rest.

Holiday Season is Prime Time for Credit, Debit and Gift Card Fraud

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and consumers will be hitting retail establishments in droves beginning on Black Friday. In the true form of criminals blending in with the general public to conceal their activity, we can expect a dramatic spike in fraudulent credit and debit card activity during this time. Major criminal organizations from urban areas across the country will employ small cells of operators throughout the U.S. for the sole purpose of skimming citizens’ credit and debit information. They will then transfer data onto magnetic stripes of other plastic cards in effort to quickly swipe purchases of bulk gift cards and merchandise in local stores.

Be prepared to make an impact on one of America’s #1 fastest growing criminal epidemics. Have the necessary tools to immediately identify suspicious payment cards and recover laundered electronic currency. Contact ERAD at to enroll before the height of the wave strikes.

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Federal, State, County and Local law enforcement agencies across the country are using ERAD today. If you’re not one of them, please contact us (571-207-3723), or

To learn more about payment card money laundering, please view the following Roll Call Video.