October (2016) Intelligence Bulletin

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Hamilton County (Cincinnati), OH SeizureHamilton County (Cincinnati), OH SeizureHAMILTON COUNTY (CINCINNATI), OH SEIZURE

Investigators with the Hamilton County, OH Sheriff’s Office interdicted a criminal organization from Illinois traveling through their jurisdiction. After noting several indications of suspicious activity, a search was

conducted. 58 debit cards, along with a card reprogrammer (pictured left) and and $54,000 USC were recovered. ERAD was used for immediate identification and cataloging of the suspicious payment cards.

Holiday Season is Prime Time for Credit, Debit and Gift Card Fraud

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and consumers will be hitting retail establishments in droves beginning on Black Friday. In the true form of criminals blending in with the general public to conceal their activity, we can expect a dramatic spike in fraudulent credit and debit card activity during this time. Major criminal organizations from urban areas across the country will employ small cells of operators throughout the U.S. for the sole purpose of skimming citizens’ credit and debit information. They will then transfer data onto magnetic stripes of other plastic cards in effort to quickly swipe purchases of bulk gift cards and merchandise in local stores.

Be prepared to make an impact on one of America’s #1 fastest growing criminal epidemics. Have the necessary tools to immediately identify suspicious payment cards and recover laundered electronic currency. Contact ERAD at Support@erad-group.com to enroll before the height of the wave strikes.


In September, a law enforcement agency in western Illinois used ERAD to identify, process, and recover over $32,500 in cash from gift cards used purchased with fraudulent credit cards. ERAD continues to be the only method available to law enforcement for immediate mag stripe intelligence, balance inquiries on cash cards, and illicit electronic currency recovery.


WARWICK, R.I. – The Warwick Police Department announced they have arrested two men at the Warwick Mall for using cloned credit cards.

According to police, mall security tracked down two men, identified as 21-year-old Corey Williams and 29-year-old Kofi Graham, from Brooklyn, New York, after they were seen using the counterfeit cards in multiple stores on video surveillance.

When police arrived on scene both suspects ran in different directions, but were ultimately arrested.

Police say numerous cloned credit cards were seized, as well as matching counterfeit CT ID cards corresponding to the names on the cloned cards. $7,000 in cash was also seized and police believe it was stolen.

“Your credit and personal information is stolen from one of many sources and then used in a cloned (counterfeit) credit card,” said police on their Facebook page. “The MO is usually to max out these cards up and down the 95 corridor to buy high dollar gift cards, cash advances or items in high demand for resale.”

Source: ABC 6


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