September (2016) Intelligence Bulletin

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$19,600 USC Recovered. Part of a $10M Laundering Operation

$19,600 USC Recovered. Part of a $10M Laundering OperationHeflin, Alabama – During a traffic stop on I-20, a Heflin Police Officer detected the odor of marijuana from inside the vehicle he stopped. During a probable cause search of the vehicle, the officer located 40 gift cards in the center console and numerous receipts on the rear floor of the vehicle, showing repetative reloading of the gift cards from various stolen credit card numbers. The Heflin officer used ERAD to catalog and conduct a balance inquiry on the 40 gift cards. A total of $19,600 USC was identified and recovered from the cards. Investigators discovered a short time later that the suspect from the traffic stop was part of a Haitian-based criminal organization using Citi Bank credit lines to steal credit card numbers. Citi Bank reported losses of more than $10 million due to the money laundering activity of this one group, alone

4 Arrested, Guns and Thousands of Blank Credit Cards Seized in Brooklyn, New York: NYPD

 4 Arrested, Guns and Thousands of Blank Credit Cards Seized in Brooklyn, New YorkBrooklyn, New York – Four people were arrested, and guns and thousands of blank credit cards were seized at an apartment in Brooklyn, police say.

A search warrant was executed at a 997 Dekalb Avenue apartment in Bedford-Stuyvesant early Wednesday in a case involving fake bank cards and forgery machines.

Seven handguns, ammunition and weapons parts were taken by police, as was forgery equipment, including 2,433 blank credit cards, two credit card embosser machines, and three credit card skimmers. Laptops, cell phones and cash were also seized, according to police.

Police arrested Joshua Crosland, 51, Kymberlea Durant, 46, Taquia Durant, 18, and Lewis Durant, 48, All four suspects face weapons charges. Crosland, Kymberlea Durant and Lewis Durant also face charges of criminal possession of a forgery device.

International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators

Ft Lauderdale, Florida – On September 1st, Homeland Security Investiations-Miami DSAC, John Tobon, and ERAD Chief Operating Officer, Steve Beckerman, spoke to hundreds of law enforcement and financial institution personnel at the annual IAFCI conference on the staggering epidemic of credit card fraud and money laundering with prepaid cards. ERAD continues to lead at the forefront of education, engagement, and execution to battle this dramatic criminal trend.

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