ERAD Now Available On Smartphones

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We’re pleased to announce that the ERAD-Recovery and ERAD-Intel solution is now available on Apple and Android Smartphones. Using our ERAD certified, audio-jack connected, magnetic stripe card reader, you can scan credit, debit, ATM, retailer gift and prepaid cards, just like you do today from your laptop or desktop computer. And when you confiscate prepaid cards, ERAD can check the prepaid card balances and give you the ability to freeze those funds before the criminals have a chance to move the money.

Simply locate ERAD Mobile on the Google Play or Apple iTunes App Store and download the application to your smart phone. Access is included with your paid ERAD-Intel and ERAD-Recovery subscription so now you can use ERAD wherever it’s most convenient – from your computer or on your phone. If you’d like to purchase an ERAD certified magnetic stripe/chip card reader ($79.00 plus shipping), or order additional ERAD subscriptions, email us at or call is at (571) 207-ERAD. Our support staff will take care of the rest.

For more information about ERAD Mobile, or to enroll in ERAD-Intel or ERAD-Recovery, please call (571) 207-ERAD or email us at